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Private Pilot License Flight Test

I had exactly 1 week after my pre-license to get my Private Pilots License flight test done before I had to return to work.  Time to make it happen… It was a Thursday and all that was needed was some … Continue reading

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PPL Theory Exam, License and Aerobatics!

Although the blog posts have been a little slow, a fair bit has been happening over the past little while.  The current update on where I’m at with my Private Pilots License, is that I’m already thinking about what I’m … Continue reading

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Appearance in AVIATOR Magazine December 2011 Edition

Last night I received a text message from Adam, my old instructor, “Hey buddy, whats with our ugly faces in AVIATOR magazine?”.  It was a good question, but at first I was slightly taken back by being branded ugly!  I … Continue reading

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Plane Catchup

Its been a good few weeks since the last post and alot of flying and other related activities have happened in the mean time.  No real excuses other than its been busy and my head has been in the books. … Continue reading

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Study and Preparation for pre-Area Solo Exam

Having been a bit slack on the blogging front, current 2 lessons behind and haven’t been through the behind the scenes things that are required to support the fun flying bit.  I’ll cover that off quickly. Before I do though, … Continue reading

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