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Lesson 21 – Crazy Crosswind Landings at Rottnest

Ok, I’m that far behind in my blog posts, its time to bring them upto date quickly.  Will quickly cover off the Rotto cross winds.  There is some good video footage of the landings at Rotto, but that will have … Continue reading

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Study and Preparation for pre-Area Solo Exam

Having been a bit slack on the blogging front, current 2 lessons behind and haven’t been through the behind the scenes things that are required to support the fun flying bit.  I’ll cover that off quickly. Before I do though, … Continue reading

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Lesson 20 – Engine Failure – Forced Landing

Its been a whole week since I did this lesson and I’ve been thinking about what I was going to put into the blog entry. Being slightly on the “I can’t sleep right now frame of mind”, time to get … Continue reading

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Lesson 19 – Steep Turns and Spiral Dives

Coming off the back of an afternoon of formation flying, I was left wanting to get my pilots license completed more than ever! It will open the door to a stack of endorsements which I have in mind. To name … Continue reading

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Mooney Formation Flying

This flying caper is catching! The latest was the opportunity to join Kevin and the rest of his fellow “tragics” to go formation flying. It seems that at least every other weekend, Kevin and/or his mates are out formation flying … Continue reading

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