Appearance in AVIATOR Magazine December 2011 Edition

AVIATOR Magazine December 2011 Edition

Last night I received a text message from Adam, my old instructor, “Hey buddy, whats with our ugly faces in AVIATOR magazine?”.  It was a good question, but at first I was slightly taken back by being branded ugly!  I was under the impression that the hours in front of the mirror each day were taking care of that :p

Once I got over my vanity, it got me wondering.  I’d have to head to the newsagent in the morning and suss out this claim.  So at the Cloisters newsagent, the last copy of the mag was on the shelf.  Initially examining the front cover, it certainly wasn’t Adam and I flying the Eurocopter.  Working with BHPB, there is the odd occasion that we have to don the orange tops, but that wasn’t us…

Ugly Mugs

It was on page 4 that I could see what prompted Adam’s text message and what would appear to be founded ugly claims.  One of the pictures I’d posted on this blog had found its way into the magazine, accompanied by a short news article on Qantas.  At first the association was overly clear, but the final tag line was “So prospective pilots should get their heads down, gear up and keep concentrating on those theory lessons”.

Never were there more appropriate words for me right now.  However, there was only one person who I could think of who could make something like this happen, Chuck from Air Australia (the original, not the recent wanna be airline)!  Anyway a few texts today confirmed it Chuck to be the culprit.  Cheers mate, but why did Adam’s and my first spread had to share the page with a dunny!  Kind of appropriate possibly…

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1 Response to Appearance in AVIATOR Magazine December 2011 Edition

  1. Steve says:

    What a classic. Just goes to show, what’s out there, stays out there…

    Good work mate. I’ll have to grab a copy and have it autographed. 🙂

    Hope all the studies and navs are going well…

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