This site is my personal record of learning to fly a plane and the adventures along the way. The great thing about learning to fly is that it never ends. There is always something else to learn, different aircraft to fly and room for improvement.

It started in November 2010 when my daughter and I went to Jandakot to watch a few planes as we drove past. We ended up walking into a few schools and enquiring. A week later I was booked for my first lesson.

My goals with flying:

  • Explore and visits places around Australia, ultimately flying around the country
  • Share with friends and family the excitement of flying and doing things they may not typically get to do
  • Explore aerobatic flight
  • have fun!
  • Hopefully a few others will find the info and adventure either useful or entertaining.

    You’ll also discover that I’m a bit of a gadget fiend. Being an IT strategist, for me it’s all about how technology can help us do things more safely and efficiently. The same applies to my flying. The current gadgets include a GoPro HD camera, inflight audio recording, GPS tracking and visualisation, electronic flight (using an iPad for flight planning, in-flight navigation and recording), sound reduction headsets (the amazing Lightspeed Zulu) and a few others.

    Every lesson and flight is videoed, sound recorded, gps tracked and fun. These have let me look back on how we did, what was and wasn’t so good and generally analyse the lesson or flight. It also capturs lots of smiles and laughs as one of my passengers or me do something new. Some if my favorites include my sons smile the first time he flew with me, the chief flying instructors groan as I did a huge wing drop during a stall test, doing aeros with steve and the congratulations from the air traffic controller who congratulated me after my first solo.

    3 Responses to About

    1. carson fenimore says:

      You have some great pictures. Would you mind giving me permission to use one of your videos and your picture for a presentation? I am doing research on wilderness search and rescue and just need a picture of a cessna 172, as well as good video from inside the cockpit (while in flight).

    2. Alan Hicks says:

      How are you recording the communication with the Lightspeed Zulu’s?
      I would love to be able to match up my video from my GoPro camera with real ATC / CTAF communication to add to the cool factor? Is there an adaptor you use?


      Alan Hicks

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