Plane Catchup

Mooney Formation over the Perth coast during the 2011 Bomber Command Memorial Flight

Its been a good few weeks since the last post and alot of flying and other related activities have happened in the mean time.  No real excuses other than its been busy and my head has been in the books.  With my my flying, there has been more lessons, another area solo, my CFI check flight and the Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) is in the bag.  Also there has been more formation flights and some aerobatics thrown in their too.

As I jot these few notes, the video of the aero flight is playing on the tele.  My 4 year old has just announced she is now never coming flying with me and my 8 year old has asked how much longer he has to wait before he can come…

One thing I am absolutely certain of, after yesterdays aero’s, once my PPL is done the very next lesson will be for aeros!

Anyway a quick catchup on where I’m currently at, next Saturday is pencilled in to be my GFPT flight test.  Frederic the chief pilot at Air Australia wants to go over a few things with me between now and then, mainly the screwed up approach I did into the Jandakot circuit during my CFI pre-GFPT flight review and wants to do some more instrument time with me.  In the mean time, I’ll work on catching up the blog…

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