Flying and Still Loving It!

Showing a Adam, a 767 pilot, attitudes he should never try in his ride

Showing Adam, a 767/757/737 pilot, attitudes he should never try in his rides (your laugh is awesome as ever buddy, nya! nya! nya!)

Those who know me would probably agree with this statement…

“If it is worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!

That pretty much sums up the last 6 months or so of flying.  Hello blog, it’s been a while. So thought a brief snapshot of what’s been going on was probably in order!  So on opening my logbook and page turning the last 6 months, I’m slightly a taken back when I realise is covers 4 pages!  Ok, I use double spacing, but that is still nuts!  Ok, now that I’m slightly over the shock and already re-living a good part of it.  There are a few, “oh that’s right moments going on”.

This year was all about getting my aerobatics rating, which ended up taking a month.  So a bit more has been going on.  Here is a bit of summary of the last 6 months flying 🙂

  • Finished aerobatics and very regularly take willing friends and family flying
  • CSU & Retract endorsement.  For the non aviation geeks, that means Constant Speed Propellor (ok still not making sense I’m sure) and Retractable undercarriage rating
  • Garmin G1000 glass cockpit and GFC700 autopilot training
  • Cessna C177 Cardinal type rating
  • Robin 2160 type rating
  • Diamond DA40 type rating
  • Cessna C172SP G1000 and GFC700 autopilot check flight
  • Joined the awesome Curtin Flying Club
  • Gliding lessons
  • Trips to Jurien Bay, Rottnest, Busselton, Cunderdin and Northam (an unplanned but awesome diversion)

Here are some pictures and the odd video or two of a few of the trips.  I’ll get motivated and share some of the experiences, if as much for myself to keep that personal record of what adventures that have been had.  Of course, there are a few more on the cards too, lots of study at the moment for the IREX exam, but that is another story…

Anyway, here are just a few of the Adventures in pictures and videos 🙂

Mooney Formation to Busso

Mooney formation to Busselton for Breakfast with BigKev and Stuart

The awesome Diamond DA40 at Thunderbird Aero

The awesome Diamond DA40 which is beautiful to fly

Diamond DA40-G1000

Diamond DA40 and Garmin G1000 glass cockpit ratings

Awesome sunset

Awesome sunset after aerobatics

Being out faced in a 5g pull-up into a loop

The battle of the facial expressions pulling into a 5g loop.  Renee 1 : Brett 0

Aerobatics with my crazy Aunty!

Aerobatics with my crazy Aunty! More more more she says (easily out lasting the now dizzy pilot)

The joy of gliding at Cunderdin

The joy of gliding at Cunderdin

Agnes, our gliding tow plane!

Agnes, the glider tow plane!

The gorgeous VH-KXW G1000 C172 from Curtin Flying Club

The gorgeous VH-KXW G1000 C172 from Curtin Flying Club, our ride to Cunderdin

Finally to finish off, a fun quick video from the weekend of a Perth city flight and tame aeros with Justin from work…

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1 Response to Flying and Still Loving It!

  1. Glen Taylor says:

    Hey Brett. Haven’t visited the site for a while but just watched the VID. Awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing.


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