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Navigation Flying Lesson #2 – Beyond the basics

The absolute best thing about being up early in the morning, is that you get to enjoy the sunrise.  The morning of my second nav flight was certainly no exception.  I was excited, there appeared to be no wind and … Continue reading

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Plane Aerobatics at Jandakot with Steve

A few years back I was given a gift to do a formation aerobatic combat flight in an old Nanchang Chinese fighter plane.  Lets just say that got the flying fire going in my belly.  When Steve, a mate offered … Continue reading

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Passed GFPT :-)

Another big milestone was reached today in my flight training, the GFPT!  Formally called the General Flight Progress Test.  What does this mean you may ask.  Well it means that I can now officially take passengers flying when I go … Continue reading

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Lesson 28 – Precautionary Search and Landing

What was mid-may, we went out and did Precautionary Search and Landing practice.  Basically what this lesson is about is if you find yourself in a situation where the visual conditions have deteriorated to the point where it is no … Continue reading

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Plane Catchup

Its been a good few weeks since the last post and alot of flying and other related activities have happened in the mean time.  No real excuses other than its been busy and my head has been in the books. … Continue reading

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Lesson 27 – Performance Circuits

Yesterday I was lucky enjoy to tag along with the JATA (Jandakot Airport Tragics Association) boys on a lunch run to Jurien Bay. It was 3 Mooney formation. Once again it left me busting to be behind the controls flying … Continue reading

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Lesson 25/26 – First and Second Training Area Solo Flights

A beautiful day in Perth today set the backdrop for for an even better day of flying.  Arriving at Jandakot Airport today for my scheduled 8am flight, I was straight out to do my pre-flight checks.  There was an eager, … Continue reading

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