Lesson 14 – Solo Prep

Its been two weeks since I last flew.  So this weekend I was determined to get it everything I could to try and go solo.  The slight issue was that everybody else wanted to fly this weekend too.  Anyway, I got an early hour booked in this morning and another tomorrow.  The plan was an hour with Adam today to review the feedback from Wilson and then to fly Monday with Wilson again.

Pre-flight we poured over Wilson’s notes to make sure all his feedback items were taken with us.  There were a quite a few points, but a good share of them were for Adam too.  It definitely pays to mix up the instructors.  Not that one is bad or one is good, its just that you get a good mix of feedback.  Only one was a fundamental change.  That is, I’d been taught to put the flaps down to 20 degrees before turning turning base.  Actually, you are not support to do it until you are on base.  It made a difference, we were higher than normal on approach.

The best thing about Wilson’s notes however was the big underlined circled line in the middle of the page.  “Ready for Solo”.  The reason written down for not doing it was noted as “cross winds were too high”.  I may have had a small smile appear.  Anyway, today was great, it 7 a good re-enforcement of all the safety procedures.  After every take, we simulated engine failure.  The first one we would have ended up in the power lines, but after that, I felt good that I would have a half decent chance.

Anyway, today I felt I walked away from the plane a better pilot.  There were 6 touch and go’s, 1 full stop, a go around, 5 upwind simulated  engine failures, 2 glide approaches and a flapless.  Tomorrow morning, winds permitting, hopefully I can blog 07/03/2011, first solo…

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