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Gold Coast Scenic Flight

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the Gold Coast for a conference. It meant travelling on Sunday arvo to arrive in time for the Monday afternoon sessions. After flying to Brisbane from Perth, I hired a car … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet

The time has come, I’m finally going to give Twitter a go. Its become obvious that the best way to keep in touch with what’s happening is to subscribe to the many twitter feeds of people, news agencies and companies … Continue reading

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Study study study

Becoming a Private Pilot is not all just fun and flying with your head in the clouds. It is also about learning, observing and thinking ahead. It is those 4 things that are a big focus for me right now, … Continue reading

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Navigation Flying Lesson 3

The transition to Jandakot Flight Centre (JFC) has meant my flight training has picked up in pace massively.  Lets just say this the last few weeks have been pretty intense.  With the challenges at work being at an all time … Continue reading

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A Change of Scenery

August 20 was the date of Navigation #2 and the weeks keep ticking past without successfully undertaking the important Navigation #3.  Nav 3 is a test flight to see if the student is ready to go solo, that is head … Continue reading

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Mooney Formation with 4 Planes

One thing about voice messages is that when you get a few and they’ve bank up, it takes for ever to listen to them all, worse still, you have to go through them in order of when they were received. … Continue reading

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Non-controlled airport procedures – In Practice

With a few weeks now passed from the original post, the plan then was to head down to Murray Field and do some circuit practice.  The usual challenge that I’m finding of late is that there were no instructors available … Continue reading

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