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Non-controlled airport procedures – In Practice

With a few weeks now passed from the original post, the plan then was to head down to Murray Field and do some circuit practice.  The usual challenge that I’m finding of late is that there were no instructors available … Continue reading

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Navigation Flying Lesson #2 – Beyond the basics

The absolute best thing about being up early in the morning, is that you get to enjoy the sunrise.  The morning of my second nav flight was certainly no exception.  I was excited, there appeared to be no wind and … Continue reading

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Non-controlled airport procedures

One of the dimensions of flying which I have found to be a little confusing are the procedures at non-controlled aerodromes / airports.  Having had all my training to date at a towered airport, the procedures are easy  and you … Continue reading

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A Blatt to Rotto and Back

The best way to end the week and kick off the weekend, is quick blast to Rottnest to catch the sunset.  Well lets just say that was a great side-effect.  Having recently earned ($$) his twin endorsement, BigKev was keen … Continue reading

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Navigation Flying Lesson #1 – co-ordinated kaos

Once upon a time, there was this incredible student pilot.  He was brimming with confident, had a strut in his step and swaggered as he wandered the streets.  His amazing skills included finenessing the aircraft into the air, flying military grade … Continue reading

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At the controls of Concorde

Long before wanting to get my pilots license, I’ve always had a big interest in Space Travel and Supersonic flight. With these, I always wanted to fly on Concorde and the second was to see a Shuttle Launch. My two … Continue reading

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STS-135 Final Space Shuttle Launch Trip

The next few days will be fun, taking a few friends and my little man flying on the weekend.  Plus finishing my Cessna 172 full load check flight.  Following that however will be my next major Plane Adventure, a trip … Continue reading

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Plane Aerobatics at Jandakot with Steve

A few years back I was given a gift to do a formation aerobatic combat flight in an old Nanchang Chinese fighter plane.  Lets just say that got the flying fire going in my belly.  When Steve, a mate offered … Continue reading

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Passed GFPT :-)

Another big milestone was reached today in my flight training, the GFPT!  Formally called the General Flight Progress Test.  What does this mean you may ask.  Well it means that I can now officially take passengers flying when I go … Continue reading

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Lesson 28 – Precautionary Search and Landing

What was mid-may, we went out and did Precautionary Search and Landing practice.  Basically what this lesson is about is if you find yourself in a situation where the visual conditions have deteriorated to the point where it is no … Continue reading

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