Plane Aerobatics at Jandakot with Steve

A few years back I was given a gift to do a formation aerobatic combat flight in an old Nanchang Chinese fighter plane.  Lets just say that got the flying fire going in my belly.  When Steve, a mate offered to take me up to do some aerobatics, I was a certainty.  In fact it was Steve that put me on to “Air Australia” to do my flight training in the first place.

As an ex-RAAF trained pilot, Steve is rock solid in his flying discipline.  However there was one small exception this day… Its called a chock, it stops the plane rolling when parked on the airport apron.  Steve forgot to remove it before we fired up to leave.  No problems he said, we’ll just jump it.  Sweet, a new trick to add to my flight skill when I no doubt do the same 😉

The aero’s were great fun and I’d highly recommend it to anybody.  At Jandakot there are five options I know of:
1. Air Australia – Adrenalin Aerobatic flight
2. Fighter Combat International – Red Dragons – Nanchang Chinese Fighters
3.  Attitude Aerobatics – The most extreme, Red Bull Air Race type plane!!!
4. Cessna 152’s at RACWA – I don’t recommend this option
5. Ask a mate who has their aerobatics license

It’s on my list to try out the Attitude Aerobatics Extra 300L at some point.  They are one of the options in terms of doing my aerobatic training, however they will only teach you in a Super Decathlon aircraft, not the Extra.  To be honest though, if the Robin we flew in above is a V8 Commodore, the Extra is like Mark Webbers RedBull F1 car.  It weights in at about 500kg and has a 9 litre engine up front!

Anyway, thanks Steve, I had a blast!  Enjoy the video 🙂

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1 Response to Plane Aerobatics at Jandakot with Steve

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Brett

    I had an absolute ball. Happy to go up again with you anytime mate. Thoroughly enjoyed the video. I have a copy with me at work. When I need a five minute “sanity break” I chill by watching some aeros. However, like the chocks, let’s just keep that between us…

    To clarify, chocks were on the smallish side + loads of power in the mighty R2160 = Problem solved. QED.

    Don’t try this one at home folks. 🙂

    By the way Chuck, don’t panic. This was a one off. Intentional of course, just to impress Brett with the awesome capabilities of the Robin. 😉

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