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PPL Theory Exam, License and Aerobatics!

Although the blog posts have been a little slow, a fair bit has been happening over the past little while. ¬†The current update on where I’m at with my Private Pilots License, is that I’m already thinking about what I’m … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve NOTAM from Air Services

Air Services have issue a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) for Christmas Eve. You can find the general details here. Happy Christmas and safe flying ūüôā

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Appearance in AVIATOR Magazine December 2011 Edition

Last night I received a text message from Adam, my old instructor, “Hey buddy, whats with our ugly faces in AVIATOR magazine?”. ¬†It was a good question, but at first I was slightly taken back by being branded ugly! ¬†I … Continue reading

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Navigation Lesson 3 (take 2)

Navigation Lesson 3 was my first flight since the transfer to JFC. ¬†Coming away from that lesson there was considerable feedback which I needed to seriously look at (its a common theme, right Mav). ¬†That lesson, and this one (15/10), … Continue reading

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Gold Coast Scenic Flight

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to the Gold Coast for a conference. It meant travelling on Sunday arvo to arrive in time for the Monday afternoon sessions. After flying to Brisbane from Perth, I hired a car … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet

The time has come, I’m finally going to give Twitter a go. Its become obvious that the best way to keep in touch with what’s happening is to subscribe to the many twitter feeds of people, news agencies and companies … Continue reading

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Study study study

Becoming a Private Pilot is not all just fun and flying with your head in the clouds. It is also about learning, observing and thinking ahead. It is those 4 things that are a big focus for me right now, … Continue reading

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Navigation Flying Lesson 3

The transition to Jandakot Flight Centre (JFC) has meant my flight training has picked up in pace massively.¬† Lets just say this the last few weeks have been pretty intense.¬† With the challenges at work being at an all time … Continue reading

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A Change of Scenery

August 20 was the date of Navigation #2 and the weeks keep ticking past without successfully undertaking the important Navigation #3. ¬†Nav 3 is a test flight to see if the student is ready to go solo, that is head … Continue reading

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Mooney Formation with 4 Planes

One thing about voice messages is that when you get a few and they’ve bank up, it takes for ever to listen to them all, worse still, you have to go through them in order of when they were received. … Continue reading

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