Lesson 22 – More Practice Forced Landings

This lesson was again to do more PFL (practice forced landings).  Adam and I headed out to the training area to the regular spot.  It was the same routine as last time.  Climb upto about 3000 feet and then fail the engine (idle).  This time I was more routinely through the checks and picked the paddock.  At least now I could remember the 8 s’es…  Quick check Size, Shape, Slope, Surface, Surroundings, Stock (live stock), Services and Sun.  Sweet!

The first was ok, I came in a bit high, the second, Adam took the controls and re-started the climb to try again.  He wasn’t happy with the my paddock choice as the one he thought I had chosen had a huge powerline through the middle.  Anyway we started again with a different paddock choice.  On the way down I pointed out the paddock I had previously chosen and we realised it was different to the one he thought I had chosen.  Oops.  Anyway the new one was a good call.

We came in ok, although I made a few mistakes on the way down.  I’m not sure Adam was too happy about me asking him to remove his dentures during the passenger “don’t panic” brief.  Third was a bit high.  Anyway, we were out of time and it was back into Jandakot for a right base join.  A bit of fine tuning on the way in, but otherwise all ok.

I didn’t do a video or gps, but I did record the radio conversations.  However that is boring as bat sh#% so no pretty pictures or videos this time around. What is slightly frustrating with PFLs is that the little 152 takes forever to climb back up to try again.  We are pretty much only getting 3 to 4 PFLs in within the hour lesson.

There was also a bit of a false start to this lesson.  With the growing popularity with Air Australia as a flight training school, both Adam and the C152s are getting much harder to book.  Even on this good Friday public holiday Friday!  In the end Adam offered to start at 6:30am to squeeze in.  On the day though, Adam forgot the keys to the office, so we were locked out. Instead we did the “instrument briefing” in the front seat of my car.  Noice!  Anyway, Warrick arrived at 7:20am and we got straight into it.  We managed to get a quick move on and had the plane back at 9am for the next punter.

Before heading off I booked another early lesson for the next day so we could head to the training area to practice everything before my pre-Area Solo check flight, sweet!

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