Getting Ready for First Solo

Just about everything is in place except my ASIC security card hasn’t arrived yet. Technically it isn’t needed as Jandakot is not a security airport. The level 1 instructor told me I must have it before I can go solo. However I was encouraged by the missed mail delivery today, which says I have to sign for a delivery at the local post office. I called my instructor to see if you have to sign for your ASIC being delivered. The answer was yes! So my hopes are high…

So far, I’ve completed all the criteria to fly solo. What this entails…

1. All the 11 lessons which I’ve blogged about so far (the 12th was crosswind which isn’t a criteria)

2. All the documentation completed.
a) Aviation Reference Number
b) Medical
c) ASIC security clearance (hopefully at the post office)
d) Flight Crew license – Student PIlot Endorsement

3. Pre-solo exam – this test is a 20 question multiple choice / written test. It covers everything from what to do if your head on with another aircraft, radio failure, radio calls, engine failure procedures, cloud volume and a bunch of other random stuff I didn’t expect. It didn’t in the end cover anything about the aircraft.

Now, the hard bit. I have to fly with the Grade 1 instructor on Saturday and nail my circuits. This means carb heat, radio calls, downwind checks, speeds, landing flair and everything else has to be spot on. So at 1:30 this all happens and lets hope for perfect conditions and an instructor who thinks I’m up to it 🙂 If he gets it wrong, it could also be my last blog entry too. I’ll let you know, maybe…

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