Lesson 12 – “Crosswind” landing video

Here’s the video of the landings from Lesson 12.  Also note the close call with another aircraft on final…

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2 Responses to Lesson 12 – “Crosswind” landing video

  1. Boo says:

    Holy smoke! Talk about rock and roll! Done damn well.
    With this sort of gusting are you constantly on the throttle, or no more than usual? Watching the prop in the video is interesting – at points it looks like the blades have flown off! Is the apparent speed of the blades on the video RPM-dependent, or is the alising effect just random?
    Also, from your helmet cam it doesn’t seem you are looking down at your instruments much on final – I presume you are just moving your eyeballs?!

  2. ozflyer says:

    It certainly was rock and roll. The shoulder is finally recovering. Just opened the mail and my flight crew license has arrived! Woo hoo, first solo here I come 🙂

    Was nice knowing you…

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