>Second Flight

>Well I was and still am booked in for next Sunday, but took the opportunity and did the second lesson this morning.  You can get really hooked on the flying bug thats for sure…

Today the lesson was on the effects of other flight controls, such as throttle, flaps etc.  We did the theory and prepared to head up and do the practical.  The pre-flight checks were alot quicker today, doing them the second time around.  I did them and talked my way around with Adam checking as I went.  All good, with the only things I forgot without prompting was the rear wheels and the engine fuel sample.  Anyway, with those done we were all good.

We dragged the plane (VH-IGX) out to the apron.  It was busy though, so had to navigate around a few of the planes already out there heading for joy flights.  The Robin aerobatics planes seem to be really popular for joy flights and they were in and out all morning.  Anyway, we got out pre-flight checks done, made our call and headed out.

Today, the yellow line was dead centre on taxi, this aircraft was easier to steer.  We did run-up tests and taxied out to the runway.  Adam requested takeoff clearance with a 10 second hold.  That was so he could hand over control and guide me through a take-off.  Brilliant!  Was pretty straight forward due to a lack of cross-wind and we were away.  We climbed out over and headed down to the training area.  We seemed to have the area to ourselves, but it seemed by the radio traffic that everybody else was somewhere near the southern end of Cockburn Sound or wanting to pass through.  The tower kept reminding them all of the aerobatics of the Robins down there.

We did the practical of lowering flaps and controlling the attitude change when the aircraft tried to balloon.  We did it a few times till I could comfortably keep the heading and altitude constant without change.  We did the reverse when lowering the flags.  We also covered carb heating.  Few others bits and pieces done and then a good flight back from down near Serpentine airfield.  We did some climbs and then descents with flaps, showing how you can really lower the angle of attack for better visibility.  Finally some good straight and level before making our calls to head home.  Time really flies when your up there.

Once we were over the airfield and clear to land, Adam brought us in behind the other aircraft already on approach.  Since I got to sit back for landing, I pulled out the video camera.

Debrief was good again and we covered what we’d done in practice.  We also did the aircraft inspection briefing after, which was much easier to follow having been over the aircraft a few times now.  Sweet, all done and lesson 2 in the bag 🙂  The bug is biting…

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