>First flight

>Today was my first flying lesson.  The reason I’m writing this is for me to keep track of what I did and how I progressed.  If others find it useful, all the better.

The desire to learn to fly started along time ago, but its expensive and wasn’t high enough up the priority list to do.  Anyway the time is now.  So a week ago, my little girl and I visited Jandakot airport to check out a few flying schools.  Basically we visited the Royal Aero Club WA (RACWA), then Air Australia.  By the time I left Air Australia, my decision on who I’d learn with was made.  Chuck gave me the run down on how things worked there and it suited me perfectly.  Adam showed us a few of the aircraft and seemed a good bloke.  Turns out he is now my instructor.  On the way home I rang Chuck back and booked in the first lesson.

Leading up to today, Caroline gave me her old ATC “Basic Aeronautical Knowledge” (BAK) book by Trevor Thom and I started reading about aerodynamics.  Aerofoils, lift, drag, parasite drag, centre of gravity, centre of lift, lift co-efficients, yaw, rolls, pitch and a bunch of other theory.  It was good at putting me to sleep.  Anyway it paid off as the pre-flight briefing today was all about exactly those things.

The briefing with Adam was great, Air Oz had a folder prepared, all the necessary forms and a check list of what I needed to do over the coming period.  Form 1162, a medical, then after that form 498 and 497. I few purchases will be required to get started, such as a log book, VTC Perth (map) and a clipboard…

So finally, the flight, well not quite yet.  A good chunk of time beforehand was spent on going over the aircraft, a Cessna 152 (VH-AOH), and got a taste of the repetitive checks.  I have a feeling that almost all we will learn will be repetitive checklists so that it becomes natural.  The aircraft was sweet and well maintained.  The checks so I remember were the power, flaps down and nav lights, then power back off.  The check was then done and the flags put back up.  We dragged the aircraft out to the apron and then commenced the aircraft checklist.

That was pretty straight forward and I sure will become more routine.  Again, all good.

So finally, the flight.  Well not quite yet.  Once we got permission to move, there were more checks and we began our taxi.  My initial efforts were pretty poor.  The yellow line was somewhere in the middle of the right wing, rather than the centre of the aircraft.  Anyway, that sorted and the pre-flight run up.  More checks and all good.  On taxi out to runway we had to wait for the RFDS aircraft to leave then us.  Again more checks then our turn.

So finally the flight, yes, Power up and quickly we were in the air.  Adam did most of the work, but I could feel the controls and his inputs.  Very relaxed and easy.  I got to do the climb out to 1500 and the smile set in.  From there we headed up to 2000 and into the training area.  We went over the primary and secondary effects of all the flight surfaces.  Sweet, although the yaw made for a few good stomach moments with the gusty wind bouncing us around a bit.  Then onto secondary controls such as trim.

Anyway, after a bit of free flight, we headed back.  A few calls, visuals on other aircraft and we were no sooner on our way down.  A quick right hander after passing over the air field, Adam demonstrated a smooth and short landing as another RFDS aircraft was coming in behind us.  That done, we I taxied us back and this time held the yellow line all the way in.  Yet more checks and then done.

The post flight briefing was good.  We went over the whole flight and discussed and reviewed everything we learned beforehand and applied in the air.  Good records were noted and we were done.  Next lesson booked, although I might try and squeeze another in tomorrow 🙂  I’m convinced I have chosen the right school and very happy with my assigned instructor…

Lesson 1 – tick!
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2 Responses to >First flight

  1. Damono says:

    G’day OzFlyer, just wanted to say hi as I started flying about the same time as you (December 2010) and I’m up to about the same point, currently doing solos just pre-GFPT. As a West Aussie currently over East I enjoyed reading your blog about flying at Jandakot. Good luck with the rest of your training. Cheers, Damon.

    • ozflyer says:

      Hi Damon, glad you have been following the blog. I’ve my first (and second) area solo this Sunday, can’t wait. When is your GFPT? Cheers Brett

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