Flying around Australia

Flying around our great big island we call Australia is something that I’d love to do.  So, like many, I’ve done it in commercial airliners, but that is not what I mean.  I want to pack a few loved ones into the back of a single or twin general aviation aircraft and fly around the country.

There are a few things that need to be sorted first, like finally doing my flight exam to finally get my Private Pilots License (PPL).  For that I now have a plan to get back in the left seat and get it done.  With the help of the CFI at Jandakot Flight Centre, that shouldn’t be too far away (there is a little bit of practicing and studying to do to get back to standard).

Anyway, while doing some googling to find some inspiration for the hours of study ahead, I found a great video from Monika Petrillo.  It is called Flyabout Movie covering Monika’s adventure of circumnavigating Australia.  After watching the trailer, I went and ordered a copy.  It arrived just 5 days later from the US.  Tonight I sat and watched it with my mum.  It is a great tale of Monika’s experience on the adventure including incredible scenery, experiences and self discovery.  Definitely worth a watch!

Right, a bit of inspiration now back to the books!

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2 Responses to Flying around Australia

  1. Steve says:

    Good luck on the home stretch mate. I have no doubt you will sail through.

  2. Hi!

    (I tried to figure out your name, but couldn’t find it anywhere, so please forgive me for sounding impersonal…)

    Thanks for your nice review of my movie. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Somebody else just ordered a copy based on your blog, so thanks for spreading the word. 🙂

    He also made me aware of your blog which I was happy to read. Good luck with all your adventures!


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