New Perth International Airport Plane Viewing Area

Having just left the airport, I searched google on my phone to see if the new viewing area was opened.  Turns out it is.  The area is half way between the domestic and international terminals on the new link road.  You can find it on this map.

I was expecting to turn up and see a line of SLR toting Plane Spotters, but instead there was a mix of folks enjoying the close view of the planes rocketing past.  Yes, there were a few plane spotters with their jolly big lenses.  Chatting to a few, they said that some of the photos and video of they have captured is awesome, particularly from A380 and 747s departing.  Anyway, the best way to see what its like is with this quick video of Virgin 1485 taking off to Broome and a few pics of the area.  Worth while dropping in for a look if you driving past!

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