>Straight and Level

>Today was straight and level flight.  Pretty straight forward in terms of the concepts we needed to work through.  We did straight and level at 2500 rpm, 2300 rpm and 2000 rpm.  The difference was simply the different angle of attach (AOA) required for each.  The PAST check process was introduced.

Power – set the power correctly for the change you needed to make
Attitude – get the right attitude
Speed (performance) – achieve the correct indicated air speed (IAS)
Trim – adjust the elevator trim tab based on the IAS and attitude changes.

With the strong cross winds, it was a good demonstration of “drift” as well whereby particularly at the slow speed compensation in yaw was required to keep heading towards our visual target.

The runway today was 120 due with 12knot cross winds.  Meant I got to learn cross wind take offs too.  It simply meant turning the ailerons towards the wind and as we approached 55knots, eased them back to straight and pulled up.   Then in the air, maintained a good climb air speed and off right to the training grounds.

To do straight and level we did an anti-clockwise lap of the full training areas.  It runs from Jandakot, to Manduarh, almost east to the hills and back up towards Forrestdale Lake.  We did a few turns here and there basically when Adam was deliberately messing up my straight end level.  He dropped me into a tight left turn with a good rate of decent at one point, so recovering was fun.

Today it was also my job to do all the radio calls.  As I had a few sample of the calls, I initially quoted the wrong aircraft number, oops.  That was while we were on the ground before taxi, so was ok.  Anyway, they went ok and I don’t think I made too much of a fool of myself :p

I was suppose to have a second lesson today, but Chuck hand’t book it in.  So back tomorrow I’m thinking.  Also a few lessons booked in for the 2 public holidays after Christmas.   That will probably see out this year, or will it…

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